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Default Re: Triple-Head Setup without Xinerama?

Hey, I was just wondering if your research had found out whether the dual-headed graphics card + DualHead2Go you mentioned in your post would work at all..? I was hoping to run the two outputs from Nvidia in horizontal span mode, one going to the DualHead2Go and the other to the third monitor (basically as your diagram shows):


  Videocard          Splitter      Displays
  ________             ____
          |           |    |
          |           |    +------> LCD #1
    DVI-D +---------->+    |
          |           |    +------> LCD #2
    Out   |           |____|
    DVI   +-----------------------> LCD #3
I'm really just looking for a low-cost triple head solution that can do OpenGL / DirectX (ideally for Windows - Steam's a tricky bastard in Linux! Although if it would only work in Linux I'm sure I could just use one / two monitors for Steam in Windows..) and this looks the best way to do it. If you've got any other suggestions for cheap-ish ways to do it, they'd be much appreciated! Cheers, Ed
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