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Default Re: Triple-Head Setup without Xinerama?

Originally Posted by edd_h4
I was just wondering if your research had found out whether the dual-headed graphics card + DualHead2Go you mentioned in your post would work at all..?
For two displays I think DH2G pretty much works like TH2G, except that the
DH2G only has a VGA input. If all your equipment is DVI, then DH2G may cause
some potential picture quality loss. This is why i opted for TH2G although
i only added two displays to the box.

If you have three LCDs with a resolution of 1280x1024 each, then with TH2G you
could also do SLI - SLI doesn't support twinview, so the above described
triple head variant wouldn't work. This is why i have a spare 8800GT laying
around, now.

Originally Posted by edd_h4
I'm really just looking for a low-cost triple head solution that can do OpenGL / DirectX (ideally for Windows
At least for the X-Server under Linux, the TH2G simply looks like a monitor with high
resolution capabilities. The USB connection is only used as power supply and
to one-time reprogram the resolutions. So i think that technically the triple head setup
described above should also work for windows.


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