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Default Re: Crysis/gaming upgrade Help

Originally Posted by H4yd3n
E8400 out performs any quad core when playing older games. Quad core CPUs run in circles around dual cores when it comes to having multiple programs open, video or graphics editing, and in newer games that actually utilize all of the cores. I think in the near future we will see many games begin being able to utilize 4 cores at once.

In my opinion quad cores are overall better than dual cores.

It all comes down to personal opinion. Don't look at clock speeds when buying a cpu either, they mean very little. You can overclock, and a quad core with a lower clock speed will still out perform a dual core with a higher clock speed.

To each his own.
Well, as I originally told Pennyboy, there are few, if any games that actually are using all 4 cores. Of all the games that should, crysis, doesn't. It just looks at whatever brute force the GPU can offer.

Now with apps and other processes outside of gaming, yeah 2 extra cores are handy if you do lots of that stuff but that would be up to him to decide if he'll be doing enough multitasking or multi~app'ing to justify the extra 2 cores.
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