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Default Re: Logitech Z-5500 or Creative Gigaworks G550W?

Originally Posted by Revs
Sorry Bman, totally didn't see your post there. They sound really good for the money.

The trouble is, where the hell do you go to try out PC speakers? It's not like 'propper' HT systems where you can go to a hifi store and have a listen. And 300 is a lot to spend if you don't know what you buying.
I have a set of Z-5500s on right now lol. It's a great all around setup for the price. I got mine for $200 brand new

The speakers throw out a spectrum of ranges and does it very well. The highlight is the 10inch sub. It kicks total ass, and I have yet to hear distortion from it. even at full tilt, it just doesn't distort. At full tilt, it's frighteningly loud. And it will knock stuff clear off the walls.
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