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Default Re: Age of Conan Feedback thread

I got the email as well, there is no NDA. The game went gold and will launch in 20 days, this "beta" is just to stress test the servers.

Its not WoW enough for me, tbh. So many things seem clunky compared to WoW, but its still very new. The default UI is a step forward in some ways, but a massive step backwards in others. I'm surprised they borrowed so little from the WoW UI addon community. Hopefully Conan's UI will be just a customizable.

The game runs quite speedy on "high" settings at 1680x1050. Average around 75 fps, dips into the high 40s. A lot of glitches though, shadows not being rendered on some scenes and can't hear NPCs voices.

Only level 5 atm, these are just initial impressions.
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