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Default Re: Age of Conan Feedback thread

From the Closed Beta invite I just got:

Dear Age of Conan Tech Tester,

First of all, we wish to thank you for participating in the Age of Conan Tech Test program. The Tech tests have worked tremendously well for us. We have learned and improved the game considerably based on your valuable efforts.

To show our appreciation for your time and dedication during these tests, we would like to take this opportunity to invite you into the Closed Beta for Age of Conan! This invite gives you unrestricted access to the entire splendor of Age of Conan, and we hope you will continue to test the game all the way until release. Seeing this is a closed beta you will get to test the latest and best of what we have, and you can expect to see many improvements in the next few weeks.

We will hold the Closed Beta NDA for everyone but journalists until launch, but you are allowed to openly communicate about your experiences up to level 13. We still have many additions and improvements to the game prior to launch, as you will surely see by playing in the next couple of weeks. Even the early experience will improve greatly in the upcoming period, so we urge you to speak about it in public should you wish to.

Of course there is a catch to all of this, and we need you all to start updating your clients immediately. There is still information we really need to get, so we kindly ask you to help us out one more time. King Conan demands your presence in Hyboria at 6pm GMT Friday 2nd May!

This is what we plan to do, and where we need your help, so please read the following information carefully:

On the 2nd of May 4 PM GMT, we will bring down all Closed Beta servers. Check here(link).
Two hours later at 6pm, ClosedBeta-2, ClosedBeta-3 and ClosedBeta-4 will open for all new and old Closed Beta testers.
We need everyone to log onto one of the three servers, and play as you would normally to help us stress our databases.
24 hours later, provided we get the results we need, we will bring down the three Closed Beta servers. As soon as possible we will bring back up ALL Closed Beta servers.
When all servers are up you are free to play on your preferred server
We recommend you try the most populated one which is ClosedBeta-1, and start at least one character there
As a part of this your account has automatically been upgraded to Closed Beta. You are thereby already signed up. You will however need to patch your existing client, if you have it installed. Once installed and patched, you should be able to access the Closed Beta right away. You can also download a new install through the account page.

Your forum account will also be upgraded, and from 6pm GMT tomorrow it allows you access to the Closed Beta forums. The forums are our major avenue of communication, and itís the place where you will find info on downtime, updates, and other information. Please make sure to check them regularly.

Thank you again for your time and dedication, we hope you will enjoy the Closed Beta, and that you will continue to give us constructive feedback.

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