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Default Re: Triple-Head Setup without Xinerama?

BTW.: for the sake of completeness, the appropriate schematics for the
xorg.conf file (posted above) actually looks like this:

 Videocard                         Displays
    DVI-D +-----------------------> LCD #1
          |            ____
    Out   |           |    |
          |           |    +------> LCD #2
    DVI-D +---------->+    |
          |           |    +------> LCD #3
  ________|           |____|
The advantage of having the splitter attached to the second output is that
in case the TH2G gets damaged, you still at least can capture BIOS
boot messages on the first display and work with that one LCD.

However, this requires a video card with the second output to be
a dual link DVI. I think all 8000 and up series cards do provide that.
I think 7000 and below only have DVI-D on the first output, so you
would need to use the schematics in the postings above and
swap the occurrences of "1600x1200" and "3200x1200" in the xorg.conf.


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