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Default Re: Logitech Z-5500 or Creative Gigaworks G550W?

Originally Posted by abtomat74
If you're using AC3Filter, movies that are Digital or DTS streamed(even downloads) sound incredible. I'm surprised to hear some of the comments on the HT part, though I would agree with them had they mentioned music.

Music is the only area I think the z5500's are weak, which I did not buy the system for Gaming and HT is excellent if set up properly and using Digital(games I use analog). Even the PLII mode for basic 700mb avi's does wonders.
What sound card are you paring the system with? I think they are great in music provided the source is good. Once again this is where I think the X-FI really helps because when your playing MP3s they need to be expanded to all of the channels. I'm not too crazy about the PL music setting and just feeding the system from an onboard 2 channel audio setup. Using the X-Fi I can let the soundcard expand the audio to all of the channels and it sounds great.
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