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Default Re: Logitech Z-5500 or Creative Gigaworks G550W?

I'm gonna be using the Strikers PCI-Ex sound card for now. It too can 'expand' the sound. I know alot of people have said get an X-Fi card but I really can't fault this sound card. I've tried several sets of speakers inc. some B&W speakers we have downstairs and it sounds really good. Software is OK too.

Also, i've just been speaking to a guy I know at the local HiFi centre and he said I should listen to the Kef speakers he has in stock. They're the Kef KHT1005's and they're on special offer at 250. I'm gonna pop in after work and have a look and listen. The sub is less powerful but they get good reviews on the web. Not too sure but I think I would need a seperate amp for these.
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