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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by slaWter
Good looking stuff! I like it a lot!
Originally Posted by sillyeagle
I'll email him too.

Nice repaint Giz, you've got quite the talent for that.
Thanks Guys glad you like it

I used to do work on FSP mods a few years back skining and map/model work (sin,kingpin,ut ect ect)but i stopped because almost everyteam i seemed to work with gave up at the 60% make on most of the mods we worked on
I have'nt been near photoshop/max/maya for a while but FSX seems to have sparked my interest in modding once more...infact im thinking about having a go at building a plane the Hill Bulldog Racer! just checking out the FSX SDK and tut's atm

Anyways the flame repaint is done so feel free to grab and checkout if that kinda thing spins your prop

FSX Download link

FS9 Download link

i'll try and get these uploaded to a few other FS fan sites over the weekend and i'll update this post with the links as i know RS doesnt play nice with everyone

Im off to barcelona for a short break next week but once im back i'll get around to adding a bit of dirt and grime to this repaint to make it look a little bit more flown!


Thanks for the heads up i'll be making a purchase of the horizon packs as soon as the new RTM one's hit my fav online stores,Great shots on the Nemeth designs how is it on the FPS ?
Almost ever helio i tryed in FSX seems to have a massive frame hit,that and there flight model always seems a bit screwy compared to the combat helio sims i fly (EECH & EEAH)

BTW i hear the FEX UI update is going out to beta testers very soon!

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