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Default Re: Age of Conan Feedback thread

Originally Posted by hirantha
ah see thats exactly what i mean... AOC can't be a MMO and hope to attract the mass number of MMO community. Directional atks in MMO? hahaha.. funny stuff.
No, innovation is a good thing. The directional attack system is a great idea but control-wise it is difficult, and they made it hard to rebind keys. A context-sensitive system would probably work better. For example to execute a combo right now, you select the combo attack and then follow up with the requisite directional attack. It's a good idea, but it takes two separate keybinds, and the combo has to be followed by a certain directional attack - it makes for a very cumbersome action bar, especially since 1-3, Q, and E are reserved for directional attacks. Most of my major class-defining attacks and combos are out of reach so I have to click them, which is hard since I use the mouse to reposition the camera while strafing/dodging near enemies.
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