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I am using

The age of the reference bios doesn't suddenly make them bad, or unsafe.. Don't feel comfortable with the "newess" of your bios revision. Just because it has a later revision, doesn't mean it is better.

If you have vender specific programs that will only run by matching PCI vender ID's and stuff found on your current bios (like MSI does), flashing to a reference bios may render those programs unrunable.

Hacking the bios and making the ID's the same as your current bios will fix this.

But also, if you have Win98, you don't have to worry about that because you can use VGABios and have the bios loaded as a memory resident program. The vender specific programs will still read the cards bios, but the Nvidia control panel/drivers will read the loaded bios... As long as the VGABios program is the very last autoexec.bat entry.

Also, to see if you have the "Bios Not Fully Compatable with Full DirectX 8 Drivers", download the 21.xx drivers, load them, and then see if TV out (and TV in) works.

One more note. No matter what Bios you have, if you have really late driver sets from Nvidia (like past 28.xx), it MAY be necessary to use the newest Nvidia Capture drivers to get TV IN to work properly.

I haven't tried Video Capturing since I updated to the newest Capture drivers, but before I did, using 29.80 drivers, WinCoder and any other Capture program would freeze when initializing the S-Video input.

I will make an update. Maybe it's just the sh*t that is the MSI video card (they make good motherboards though) that is so glitchy and screwed up that I am out of luck (it's not the nvidia bios being used to fix TV in that is causing it either.. I have tried newer bioses from MSI that fix TV in and it's the same...).

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