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Default Re: Post your WEI Score

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13
check your memory bandwitdh with sandra or everest
Here is an explanation I grabbed from Vista x64 forums (thank you, ScottEQ!)

"The same applies to RAM: The standard isn't the speed of your DIMMS. It is how much data can be crammed through the memory subsystem - This *includes* your Front Side Buss! So DDR2 800 on a 1600 Mhz Front Side buss is going to get a 5.9. Likewise, your 1066 High Performance memory will be held back if you have it on a stock FSB."

That is me! I have nearly a 1600MHz FSB, so that is why my 770 @ 5-5-5-15 scores 5.9....

Overdrive PC Core2.SLI:

Core 2 Duo E6600 @ ~3.5GHz,4GB of DDR2-770, 8800GTS 640MB @ 621/1836, Western Digital 640GB, LITE-ON 20X, CM Stacker 830, Enermax 620W, Vista Ultimate 64-bit

3DMark '06: 10,302
SuperPI 1M: 15.194s
WEI: 5.8

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