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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by omzig

Thanks for the heads up i'll be making a purchase of the horizon packs as soon as the new RTM one's hit my fav online stores,Great shots on the Nemeth designs how is it on the FPS ?
Almost ever helio i tryed in FSX seems to have a massive frame hit,that and there flight model always seems a bit screwy compared to the combat helio sims i fly (EECH & EEAH)

BTW i hear the FEX UI update is going out to beta testers very soon!
It looks like about Mid May for the updated Horizon product [2/3 weeks] - if you have the cash get the just released VFR Airfields from UK2000, and supplied as a boxed copy through Horizon. These have been made to blend seamlessly with GenerationX scenery, and Vol1 contains 78 airfields for the South of England and Wales. I got my copy yesterday, and they are superb.

I have found the Eurocopter to be very easy on the frame rates, there is a minor hit in the VC, but nothing too serious - it is a proper FSX sp2 model as well, no FS9 code in there.

I haven’t been in contact with Peter Wilding for a little while, but last time I did he said the new UI would be ready very soon.
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