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Default Re: Age of Conan Feedback thread

Originally Posted by spirited1
Thanks for the info, Ninjaman09.

It sems that Funcom has put a muzzle on beta testers to stop them talking about lvl13+, and not only that, you can't even level up past 13 to see those areas. That tells me Funcom isn't confident about their game, because the only areas that are polished are the newbie ones and the rest of the game is broken/bugged out/incomplete.

So tired of horse **** MMO's that promise the world and fail to deliver by releasing too early. I hope AoC is different, but right now it's sounding like I've seen all this before.
actually they capped it at lvl 13 because they didnt want to spoil the story.
The game even becomes better after lvl 13
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