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Default Re: Future Crytek titles will be multi-platform, no more PC exclusives

Originally Posted by evox
All of them work. You don't get updates, so if there's a bug/glitch, you'll be playing with it.

HL2, EP1, EP2, TF2, Portal. All have been cracked and TF2 even has bunch of private servers.
Wrong several games have got updates so its not a problem but it may take a bit longer as the groups in the scene do update packs. I have friends who like to show of that he never will buy a game and get everything including all games from Steam.

I know it sucks but it's the truth but hey Steam stops much of the pirates atleats the zero day piracy and thats a very good thing.

I love Steam as it have done wonder selling more Pc Games, even EPIC was shocked that they did sell so many copies as soon they got over there.

Plain and simple Steam rocks
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