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Default Re: FreeBSD-amd64 driver ?

@gigiita: although other engineers' efforts towards improving the FreeBSD specific parts of the NVIDIA FreeBSD graphics driver set may be less visible, I'm not the only contributor; please also keep in mind that the NVIDIA graphics driver code base is shared between platforms, so the FreeBSD graphics driver benefits from a large developer base.

As to the NVIDIA FreeBSD graphics driver being based on old kernels, etc., I would like to clarify a few points:
1) the closed source component of the NVIDIA FreeBSD kernel module is FreeBSD kernel version independent; in fact, the nv-kernel.o ELF binary shipped with current FreeBSD driver releases is operating system independent and can also be used on Linux and Solaris. The open source component can be built against all stable FreeBSD kernels >= FreeBSD 5.3-RELEASE and is flexible enough to allow compatibility changes necessary for future kernels.

2) the NVIDIA X driver supports practically all XFree86 and X.Org X servers since XFree86 4.0.2, but this does not mean that it can't take advantage of or support features specific to current X.Org X servers; there are a variety of examples for this (e.g. XRandR, COMPOSITE, etc.).

3) until there is a good reason not to, the NVIDIA FreeBSD graphics drivers will continue to be built on FreeBSD 5.3-RELEASE to maintain compatibility with all FreeBSD releases >= FreeBSD 5.3-RELEASE; the user-space driver components' dependency on the compat5x-i386 package does not limit their feature set(s).
@ksudziarski: NVIDIA has been in touch with FreeBSD developers since I initially posted the feature requests and some progress has been made towards enabling FreeBSD amd64. However, the missing features are non-trivial to implement fully and so far no FreeBSD developer has stepped up to drive the effort. This may change over the next few weeks/months, but there are no firm schedules that I'm aware of.

@Aragon: although NVIDIA is aware of end user demand and, as stated many times before, interested in supporting FreeBSD amd64 and improving support for FreeBSD i386, the NVIDIA Linux/UNIX graphics driver team has other responsibilities and can't easily undertake FreeBSD core kernel development projects of this complexity. If you feel the progress made so far is inadequate, please bring this up on the relevant FreeBSD development mailing lists.
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