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Default Re: FreeBSD-amd64 driver ?

Aragon, I passionately dislike ATI (because of their drivers in any OS) so I won't be going there. Sure they are turning over a new leaf, but right now there's still a pile of crap under that leaf. I have an 8800GTS 640 Mb card and I was thinking of upgrading to a 9800 GX2, but I don't think I'll bother right now because then I wouldn't be able to use this FreeBSD install at all (don't think the nv driver would work)

I could do the 32 bit FreeBSD 7, but I've done a lot of work on this 64 bit install now (compiling and tweaking and stuff) and it's an awesome system. I'm very happy with it, other than the fact that I have to use nv. So no games and I can't use Mplayer because it can't use Xvideo or Vidix for playback (Xine works though). I would use this all the time if I could.

Btw... last time I tried building a PAE kernel (FreeBSD 7 snapshot several months ago) it was a horrible kludge. No KLD's and so many drivers weren't PAE safe it wasn't even worth it just to gain access to all of my 4 Gigs of RAM. It worked, but I had no USB and something else that escapes my memory right now.

This also isn't the only OS on here. I can boot silly Windows Vista for games (COD4, Crysis, Unreal Tournament 3, Bioshock etc.) and I've got a respectable x86_64 Linux from Scratch setup on here too where I can play games like UT2004. (and anything I can compile)

Zander, thanks for answering this thread again. I'm glad to see there is at least some interest. It sure would be nice to have a driver.
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