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Default Re: FreeBSD-amd64 driver ?

@Zander: thanks for your fast reply, Zander.
I understand nVidia policy about compatibility with past FreeBSD versions, but it must be cleared that 5.3 is pratically discontinued, soon there will be no more official support for 5.x branch and other projects have already abandoned it (one for all: Wine. Current version required at least 6.2 kernel to run).
Official documentation suggest to leave 5.x branch and upgrade at least to 6.x.
Why do not keep legacy drivers for older systems and try updated drivers for new systems?
My limited experience say that in 5.x era, everything worked perfectly (OpenGL, video, Linux layer..), now there are a lot of things which don't work anymore. Where is the trick? I don't know, but nVidia is here, FreeBSD developers are here and graphic competitors are coming.
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