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Default Re: nV News Widescreen LCD Club (formally DELL thread)

Originally Posted by H3avyM3tal
JUst ordered a Dell 2408WFP. Will be getting it in a couple of days! Can't friggin' wait!
Finally a normal screen

Will be updating with screens, it's about time I clean my room
What is the differance between that and a DELL 2407WFP ?

The 2407WFP is what I have and I love it. It's about a year old now and still going strong. Well everything but that darn power button which is not uncommon to have the break, real pain that was. Now I have to keep it "on" all the time and use a power strip to turn it off and on.

They look pretty close to the same ?

But new rig will be going to a 30" soon.
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