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Default Re: World of Warcraft or Guild Wars?

If you never played then WoW is the easiest to get into
GW is not an mmorpg and is almost nothing like a mmorpg

But I would also recommend Age of Conan. Its coming out this month and is awesome

It depends on what style of games you like. Cellshaded fluffy graphics or adult dark graphics with violence, blood and story.

I quit WoW because of the graphics the gameplay in itself is awesome but I like more darker tone on my game. Im in AoC beta now and can say its the next big MMO

Originally Posted by ATOJAR
I hear people speaking of "a party\joining a party" ... what is this about?
well mmo's are all about grouping up with people and playing/chatting with them. Some quests you must join and have help from others to complete. So you create a party or join someone else who wants to do the same quests as you
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