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Default Re: 1080p is it worth upgrading?

Originally Posted by Revs
The reason I went LCD over Plasma is screen burn. I'm pretty sure your desktop would burn in to the screen within a year or so with a plasma. They're also very sensitive to movement and should never be tipped up.
Another myth - a plasma TV does NOT HAVE SCREEN BURN! It's called image retention and is always fixable(and most often happen during the break in period). I've yet to see a single plasma suffering from this mythical screen burn!
"The potential for burn-in is greatest during the first 100 or so hours of use, during which time you should keep contrast low (less than 50 percent) and avoid showing static images or letterbox bars on the screen for hours at a time. After this initial phase, plasma should be as durable as any television technology. Many models also have burn-in-reduction features, such as screensavers and pixel orbiting, or settings to treat burn-in once it occurs, such as causing the screen to go all white." - CNET
Plasmas aren't sensitive to movement either, but due to the technology shouldn't be tipped on it's side during transportation, because the glass could easily break.

The only reason why one should choose an LCD over a Plasma is power usage - a plasma does use more power, even to the extent that it starts to show on your electric bill.

Edit: Added a link to explain why one should choose a Plasma over lcd:
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