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Default Re: 1080p is it worth upgrading?

Originally Posted by Revs
My mate got a plasma a few weeks ago and the manual said once the screen was positioned where is was going to be used he had to leave it for 3-4 hours before he could turn it on.
Maybe it's one of those "no cellphone on the gas station" kind of thing? You know, where a company is forced to do something because of an urban myth(like cellphones on airplanes).

I dunno. You're right about the response time and contrast, but my screen has 15000:1 contrast and pretty good refresh rate, neither of which have bothered me at any point. I guess I just prefer good ol' LCD.
Well each to his/her own I guess, I have an lcd myself, but bought it before I knew just how good plasmas really were(and because it was a steal! ). And just so you know those contrast ratios listed by manufacturers don't really mean squat. This goes for both techs, but for lcds it's even worse than for plasmas, because they use the dynamic contrast ratio for lcds.

Isn't image retention just a fancy name for screen burn? I know it can usually be removed, but still, what a pain in the ass.
I like to compare image retention and screen burn to how our eyes reacts to light. If you look into a bright light for too long, you get something similar to image retention; you see trails of the light even after when looking in another direction. This goes away after a few seconds/minutes depending on how long you've looked at it and how bright the light is.

Screen burn happens when you look directly into the sun for too long and the bright light burns into your retina. For this to happen you have to be a complete idiot.

The first has been almost completely eliminated by using different kind of technologies(like pixel shaking and white pictures etc.). So both are practically a none-issue nowadays(unless you're a complete tool) and shouldn't be a deciding factor when choosing a new TV.

Screen burn is actually real, but mostly just for screens that are on 24/7, for long periods of time with the same screen on and contrast set very high(60+), like the screens at airports.
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