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Default Re: World of Warcraft or Guild Wars?

Yeah, Wow is much more polished and established, I recommend that.

Conan is nice and all, but it's very buggy, laggy and just runs poorly. It feels unfinished and it's coming out in 2 weeks. I hope they can turn it out, but I dunno.

Guild Wars isn't a MMO, it kinda plays like one, but you are only together with other people when in the cities or PvPing. If you go out to do a quest, you are alone and it's kinda like a single player game.

Some quests or foes need a group to complete or take down, you simply can't do it alone, so you form a temporary party so your combined strength, healing, etc can complete it. Everyone in the party gets credit for the success of the task. Without a party, if you were to attack a big boss guy alone and people helped you, you would get credit for the kill but they wouldn't.

It's kinda like playing Co-op but with 5+ people. Groups of 5 can be combined in WoW to form a raid, for a max of 40 (8 groups of 5 people).
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