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Default Re: Official Guild Wars Thread

Originally Posted by NiukNiuk
I'd say begin with prophecies, wich was the first chapter. It has huge environments and the progression is relatively slow. The only problem that you may encounter is the lack of people to party with(due to the age of this chapter). Then I'd say avoid factions, wich is boring, full of bad ideas (the kurzick/luxon thing, timed missions etc) and short.
Imo Nightfall is the best chapter, it has a cool and long story, strong ennemies, and beautiful environments (well if you like oriental/african/desert you'll be really pleased with nightfall ^^).
Eye of the north is an expansion (you need one of the other chapters to play it), it has some really cool environments but it's too short.

i agree that prophecies is the best one to start with. it trains you very well and will get you comfortable with the events on screen. however, i disagree about factions and NF. to me, NF (and GWEN) and the worst of the game. The realm of Torment was terrible and the submission of submission style of those two were horrible to follow. I liked factions the best honestly. It was the fastest paced and had tons of action in small spaces. i loved it. but that whole luxon/kzurich thing is pretty stupid
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