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Default Re: Recommendations on a 37-42" HDTV?

Originally Posted by CaNiBuS
I am looking for at least a 37" HDTV that does 1080p. A VGA connector would be nice to have but isn't required. I found a Panasonic 42" Plasma that looks good. I need to keep the price around about $1300 max.

Can anyone recommend a good one?

Yup that plasma should be good enough, even though it's an older model. Remember that plasmas often have a limited resolution when connecting the pc to it via vga.

If you really want to know which one to pick you should check out They also have a sponsor forum, from where you can find pretty good deals quite often.

Btw. would you be willing to spend just 200$ more you could get the new pz80 model for 1499$.
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