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Default Re: Official Guild Wars Thread

For me factions was too short, and there are several things that I didn"t like:

This huge and awful "ghetto-city" in the begining of the main continent: horrible design/textures/everything.
"Forcing" players to pvp (well "alliance battle"...I don't know if you can call it pvp ^^) in order to get the 10.000pts without farming (points necessary to progress in the main story) is bad too.
Stupid cartography: hey jade quarry...
Timed missions: I love exploring each area, and having to rush in order to get the master reward is stupid.
However I really liked the kurizck and luxon environments, but this stupid idea of "hey give me 10.000pts to progress in the main story" or "sorry you can't talk to this npc because you're not friend of the kurzick/luxons" is the worst idea arenanet got.
But there are good things:
Assassins and Ritualists are cool professions...well ritualists were nerfed to death, but are still useable, and assassins were hated when factions came out (too many "naruto-sin" that rushed in the middle of the battle and died, then /ragequit insulting the monk ^^), but they're fun to play with.
Oh and elites skills and armors are great.
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