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Default Re: World of Warcraft or Guild Wars?

WoW is very polished and has lots of content. However starting out, I suggest you try and find the newest server up, that way you know you have alot of people who are also leveling up that you can group with.

Guild Wars is like a MMO, except only cities are persistant. Youll be fighting in a group with NPCs, or a group you formed before hand. Its spell system is a little harder to get used to because many spells uses are not always apparent. In WoW, a spells use is pretty black and white.

My guide to choose between both is,

Guild Wars; Better PvP (the best class palance for pvp), death penalties are temporary and entering a city resets it, so dieing is OK. Ability to instantly port from outpost to outpost (once you have discovered it) allows you to quickly get into the game, and getting out just as fast. Guild Wars has alot of people on 24 hours a day, so if you play at odd hours of the morning, youll still find people to group with. No monthly fees. The majority of content can be done solo (with computer controled henchment and heros to help you). You wont get much of a deal on buying the expansions though unless you find a store clearing out its old stock.

WoW; Better PvE (you vs monsters), better quest over all, persistent world, far more variety of armors and weapons. ENDGAME, once you hit the highest level there are still better armors and weapons to obtain, epic encounters to take part in. Part of Guild Wars balance is the lack of super powered armor and weapons that would destroy other players. This is also why I don't like WoWs PvP. WoW is very group oriented. You can solo your way to 70 and complete most quest, but dungeons with the rare and epic armors require groups. If you find a fledgling server you are more likely to find people who are at the same levels as you to do dungeons with. A common problem today is due to fast leveling and lack of people leveling characters, pre expansion dungeons are a ghost town.
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