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Default Re: FreeBSD-amd64 driver ?

Hi all.

Just registered in order to add my voice to the chorus here. I've been a FreeBSD user and admin for around 12 years now, and a loyal nvidia user for a very long time also (even after trying out a few ATI cards periodically, which i found to have excellent image quality but pathetic non-windows support and usually lagging behind their nvidia counterparts in performance... also they run really hot). My main desktop is now dual boot XP (32bit) and FreeBSD 7-STABLE amd64. I guess I assumed for some reason that by now there would be 64-bit nvidia support (silly me). I actually don't really care, for my part, about the 3D support at the moment. Just some accelerated 2D support would make me plenty happy.

I will look at posting something to freebsd-hardware or any more appropriate maillist to see what's going on with that.

In the meantime, thanks to everyone for all your posts here to let nvidia know how anxiously we are awaiting native amd64 drivers, and thanks to the one nvidia employee who seems to care enough to give us whiners some attention and updates.
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