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Default Re: Recommendations on a 37-42" HDTV?

Originally Posted by CaNiBuS
It will mainly be used as a TV. I was just kinda wanting the VGA port in case I wanted to hook a computer up to it. It's not a big deal though. All I really watch on my cable is HDTV channels and stuff. I will also be hooking my ps2/Wii up to it (I don't have a 360 or PS3). Maybe when Blu-Ray hardware gets cheaper I will buy one of those.

Are there any LCDs that I should look at? I'm not sure how big of a different the quality would be on a 42" plasma vs. a LCD. I've looked at stuff at Best Buy and Circuit City but they really didn't have any 42"s. I think the smallest plasma they had in the store was 50".
Well if you're going to watch TV on it mostly, then plasma is definitely the way to go. They handle SD content much better than their lcd counterparts, so I'd highly recommend the pz80. You don't want to connect your computer to you TV by vga, but rather by component or hdmi(by using a dvi to hdmi cable). This should give you a much better picture(depends on the TV though and quality of input/cable).

Another thing you might want to take into consideration is that 1080p isn't that important when choosing a TV unless you're sitting very close to it. Black-level and color performance is much more important and will give you a much better picture than 1080p ever could. 1080p is really only important if you're planning on using the TV as a monitor as well as a TV.

Another one I might suggest is the LG PG60. It has gotten great reviews and should be coming out quite soon.

Here's the pz80 for under 1300$:
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