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Default Re: nVidia driver + hibernate = no go?

Originally Posted by Kirurgs
As I promised, some feedback

So the latest news: s2ram (suspend) works (with exception - below), s2disk (hibernate) works (with errors in syslog - below). Everything with 173.08, 2.6.24 kernel, standard swsusp2 for F8, no compiz or other composite w/ managers.
With 173.08 and GylphCache it's faster (really noticeable) with AA fonts, subpixel rendering and so on, no crashes, except wakeup from suspend when certain Wine windows are active.

So when having Oracle Forms6 Designer/Developer open while suspending, upon resume X dies and starts fresh gdm on next available tty. As far as I tested, only mentioned apps are causing trouble. Message in X log is:
Apart from that - it's really fine
hoho, thanks for the feedback Kirurgs. I'm trying to get hibernate work on my T61p with Ubuntu 8.04 for days now, and it's good to know there IS a solution. Too bad that EnvyNG doesn't include 173.08 because it is not a "stable" driver (I guess i could just install the driver manually).

Anyway idea when will the next stable Nvidia driver (assuming to be 173.xx) be released?
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