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Default Re: 1080p is it worth upgrading?

Originally Posted by abtomat74
My TV turned 18(years) a couple months ago...I would certainly want my $2000+ TV of the size we're talking about to last that too. Why would we want or need something bigger than 4 or 5 feet!?! I do not believe movie formats will change to something other than widescreen ever, what will happen is 3D, and hopefully a few years before our current monsters die so the prices of 3D TV can go down like it always does with new tech.

Those 100,000 hours testing is a max I bet, and certainly doesn't count real-life scenarios like smoking...and children!!(on/off/on/off/on/off/on/off...SMACK, stop that!)
I don't think its reasonable to expect any electronics to last as long as that anymore. We've just had a microwave oven breakdown in my mum and dad's house that was older than I am (23 years). Could you honestly imagine getting a microwave to last that long with reasonable use if you bought one today?
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