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Default Re: Some nood WoW questions?

Originally Posted by ATOJAR
Just afew questions here guys,

1)first off what the best server type? PvP, RP or Normal?(ive been playing a Normal server)

2)about my account, as said i have bought the warchest(wow & burning crusade) .... i have just checked my account details and it still says im on the 10 day free trial, it says on the box a get 1 months free full subscription?

3)I have the burning crusade installed, how can i tell if this is running? im supposed to get two extra races, the blood elvs & another race, i dont see these races in the character selection\creation screen?
1 - That's entirely up to you, but my personal experience is that Normal servers are vastly preferable. The entire concept behind a PVP server is to encourage world PVP, but the only form of world PVP that really occurs these days is objectives in Outland (not something you'll encounter until the mid-60s) and getting ganked. Getting ganked is generally not fun, and a persistent ganker can actually ruin an entire play session. Ganking is extremely prevalent on PVP servers as many bored veteran players kill time by slaughtering lowbies in leveling zones. There are absolutely no tangible benefits to playing on a PVP server as all meaningful (i.e., rewarding) PVP occurs in Battlegrounds and Arena, which are available to everyone on any server.

2 - That I can't help you with - call or email Blizzard's billing department.

3 - If you don't see Blood Elves (horde) or Draenei (alliance) on the character creation screen, you haven't installed The Burning Crusade.

Originally Posted by BronzeGod
1. /quit

2. /quit

3. /cancel subscription to overhyped mmo
How helpful.
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