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Default Re: Some nood WoW questions?

Originally Posted by lIqUID
doesn't he need to go to WOWs website and manually upgrade his account in the account management page to a TBC account? Its been TBC release since I messed with it so I don't really remember.
I think you're probably right, yeah.

Originally Posted by lIqUID
but yea, run away its a terrible game now and nowhere near as good as it used to be. I'll be leaving 3.5 years of playtime behind in just about 2 weeks, and I wont miss it a bit.
It's not terrible, you're just tired of it. Nostalgia for Pre-BC aside the game has improved tremendously since release. What's been going on recently with the ridiculous PVE progression curve and Arena e-sport is going to be moot once WotLK comes out anyway.
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