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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

The thing is with Tim, is he is very good screenshot taker, very carefully selecting the best angles etc - but he also clearly manipulates the images at times too, just look at the blurring on the clouds to the right on the shot Omzig posted, and there are times when they look very over saturated and sharpened.

I'm sure REX will be very good, and will no doubt do some things better than FEX in the same way as I'm sure FEX will do some things better than REX - at the end of the day people will make their choice, but those will sense will wait and see what the ordinary user gets out of it, and base their opinion on that, rather than clever marketing shots from Tim.

Obviously I have done some screenshots for FEX, so I guess I have a bias, but all the shots I released to show the Hi-Def clouds were unadulterated, as I think it would be misrepresenting the product to do anything else.

I do like that plane though – I wonder what it is too ???

Nice freeware here available from Avsim.
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