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Default Re: Wireless router recommendations

Originally Posted by Revs
I don't really have a clue what you're talking about in that thread . You lost me at 'nic'.

Dual band?
broadcom based wnic??
Atheros based???

Sorry bud. I'm just not up on networking.
pretty much everyone under the sun currently uses 2.4ghz for WI-FI, and a lot of homes in the area it causes interference, it might not be really noticable because you are used it, but stuff like slight slow downs in speed, pauses, disconnect here or there.

dual band router allows you to run two routers in one, a 2.4ghz for backwards compability, and brand new 5.0ghz. nothing else uses 5.0ghz.

this also means that if your laptop has a 802.11n nic, and you connect a 802.11g nic to the network, your 11n laptop doesn't slow down.

broadcom is a company that makes wi-fi devices, they still use 2 antenna design for their mini-pcie cards, which is slower.

atheros makes better mini-pcie cards , and driver is compatible with special builds of linux, that allows to capture packages and "find" WEP codes
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