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Default Re: 1080p is it worth upgrading?

Originally Posted by Toss3
Remember that the 100 000 hours mentioned here is half brightness and does not equal life-expectancy. It's very rare to find electronics that have lasted over 5+years, much less 18.
I know a lot of friends and family who have gone through more than 5 TVs during the last 18 years, because they all eventually break down. You just got a nice set, and it's nice that it has lasted you this long, but it's an exception and not the rule.
I have:

1 - 27" ProScan that I purchased in 1992 which my kid now has in his room for his video games
1 - 27" Magnavox that my father-in-law purchased in 1994 and then gave me for my office
1 - 32" GE that was purchased in 1996 which is in my bedroom

None have ever been in the shop for any repair and all work great at the moment... I would have to disagree on your "exception and not the rule" theory.


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