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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by Sabadin
Looks like the carenado 182rg
Yes, most of those shots feature the Carendo C-182...but omzig was asking about this aircraft.

Originally Posted by sillyeagle
Peter with FEX told me Tim doesn't do his own cloud photography, which I was quite surprised to hear, where Peter says he takes hundreds of cloud pics every day.
Yes, that right, and Tim as said that himself. I don't think that is a problem as such, but I think Peter has a very genuine interest in the natural environment, and this certainly shows in his work, which is far more subtle and [ironically] Real than Tim’s approach. To my eye's, a lot of what I've seen of REX is OTT and makes FSX look less natural, and more like a computer game. But maybe that sort of thing appeals to the FSW crowd, which seem to attract a younger flight simmer than sites such as Avsim or, and Tim is appealing to that audience..
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