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Default Re: Triple-Head Setup without Xinerama?

For anyone who's interested / searching for an answer in the future - it works! With a cheapo Nvidia (about 50 when I got it) and a cheapo DH2G (30 from eBay), I'm running three screens with OpenGL / Wine D3d HAL etc.

So I'm running:

1x Nvidia 7600GT
Output #1: DVI @ 1280x768
Output #2: Matrox DualHead2Go (Analogue)
Matrox Output #1: 15" Analogue TFT @ 1024x768
Matrox Output #2: 15" Analogue TFT @ 1024x768

Under Ubuntu 8.04 and using nvidia-settings, it works as either

a) Two separate X-screens
b) A xinerama-merged screen at 3328x768 for OpenGL etc.
c) An Nvidia Twinview screen at the same, also for OpenGL etc.

Works with Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, OpenArena, Steam (via Wine), Deus Ex (again via Wine), etc. etc.

Amazingly, it's playable in ETQW, even at this res. and with a fairly mediocre graphics card. Steam-games (CS:S / HL2 Ep2) are low FPS (~30, sometimes a bit below) but playable.

If anyone's looking for any help setting it up etc. PM / reply and I'll attach any xorg.conf etc.s that anyone needs.
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