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Default Asus Commando overclocking!!

Well I'm doing a little OC for fun. AI did not work due to the fixed mulitiplier. I set my CPU to 9 x 300 for the 2.7 which set the memory to 775. This also pushed my front bus to 1200. I got the CPU's to 46C during the fuzzy donut graphic test. Seems very stable. PC Probe is issuing warnings about my
[05/08/2008 at 08:29 pm] DDRII Voltage Abnormal, 4.08 V
[05/08/2008 at 08:29 pm] DDRII Termination Voltage Abnormal, 0.02 V
Should I worry about this? Can I fix this in BIOS?
Is this just a threshold adjustment in PC Probe itself?
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