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Default Re: Age of Conan Feedback thread

there are group quests in the ob. Also. The game has a single player destiny series of quests. Whiche evryone has experianced in the open beta already. The game has massive outdoor zones, like every other mmo. This is what i have been told by someone i know who has seen more then tortage and thats all i will say. I'm not in the closed beta no.

I have read that the mem leak ahs been vastly improved and the client stabilized with regards to the shader and out of memory crashes. But how true that is coming from funcom i don't know. I'm very skeptical of them lol after the ao launch fiasco and the first 6 months of break stuff over and over.

This seems alot more polished and better by FAR compared to what ao was. I have pre ordered i will play. But funcom doesn't have any more then 2 months to prove their serious about supporting their product and the community this time.

for those that have not seen the game and are curious. This is a video of tortage, the starting town. part of the originally single player mode transitioned to online mode in the daytime, and single player during the nigth time. For the 'tutorial', before they changed it.
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