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Originally Posted by ViN86
i doubt your site had the bandwidth usage that this site has.

i dont mean to be rude, but it's very disrespectful to come to this site for free, then complain about ads. i mean, if you want to pay for the bandwidth and space costs, then you wont have to look at the ads.

i remember mikec talking about what it costs to run this site for a month, so i have no problem whatsoever looking at ads. tbh, if he ever cant cover the costs, i encourage him to place more ads.
I remember MikeC saying he rented a server from ThePlanet. ThePlanet's dedicated solutions are EXPENSIVE.

Come to think of it, I wonder how many GBs nVnews uses up in a month.

For the sake of the "ads" argument, let's assume he's using the cheapest dedicated package with 750GB BW and $89 monthly price, that means $89x12 plus the pay (?) he gives out to reviewers. That's $1k and more, just for his personal interest.

Ofcourse, in reality, it's probably more than that. nVnews's Alexa rating is <20k so the site is getting millions of page views. I doubt 750GB BW would be enough to cut it.
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