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Default Re: Asus Commando overclocking!!

You should manually set you memory voltage & timings in the bios, my memory is at 1.9v .... I think your memory should be at 2v with 5-5-5-15 timings!

As said, to test your cpu try prime95 with a Small FFTs stress test for over 8 hours, i thought it was alittle weird to see you running the donut test to stress your cpu lol.

Heres my overclock setup,

(1:1 Ratio)
CPU Frequency - 356 (x6 multiplayer) = 3.22GHz
DRAM Frequency - 712MHz
PCI Express Frequency - 115
PCI Clock Synchronization - 33.33MHz
CPU Vcore - 1.3125v
Memory Volatage - 1.9v
Memory timings - 5-5-5-12

Everything else is on auto & thats over 12 hours Prime96 Small FFTs stable with a load temp of around 50c.

BTW, you do know the latest bios is 1605 for these boards right?
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