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Default Re: Asus Commando overclocking!!

Originally Posted by ATOJAR
You should manually set you memory voltage & timings in the bios, my memory is at 1.9v .... I think your memory should be at 2v with 5-5-5-15 timings!

As said, to test your cpu try prime95 with a Small FFTs stress test for over 8 hours, i thought it was alittle weird to see you running the donut test to stress your cpu lol.

Heres my overclock setup,

(1:1 Ratio)
CPU Frequency - 356 (x6 multiplayer) = 3.22GHz
DRAM Frequency - 712MHz
PCI Express Frequency - 115
PCI Clock Synchronization - 33.33MHz
CPU Vcore - 1.3125v
Memory Volatage - 1.9v
Memory timings - 5-5-5-12

Everything else is on auto & thats over 12 hours Prime96 Small FFTs stable with a load temp of around 50c.

BTW, you do know the latest bios is 1605 for these boards right?
I was just seeing at what temp they would get to. The fuzzy test keeps them around 30% so thought it was good for a quick check. I have used TAT in the past and will download it again from Intel. As far as the bios go I'm a little Leary after recently loosing my P5B Deluxe to a bad flash, which is on its way back to Asus via RMA. Asus no longer puts a bios chip on the board. From what I have been told it is incorporated into the south bridge. STUPID move. Also my new board is the same way. Funny that the P5 died on me after many successful flashes. Oh ya and roger that on the 2 volt memory which is what I have set it on.

Does the PCI Express Frequency - 115 really make that much difference. What does it normally run at?

Nice setup BTW!

Thanks for the OC info.

What are you using on your CPU to cool it?

CPU-z has a stress test right?
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