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Default Re: Asus Commando overclocking!!

Originally Posted by ATOJAR
I think your probabally best leaving all of those on auto, i do, i just change the settings i have mentioned in my above post!

The PCI Express Frequency adds more bandwidth across the bus, people generally say not to touch it because it can lead to system instability, ive had no issues here at all in almost a year & 115 is supposed to be the sweet spot.(the The PCI Express Frequency normally runs on auto)

Im using a Thermalright Ultra-120 eXtreme with a antec tricool 120mm fan & AS5 thermal compound.

And no CPU-Z dont have a stress test.
Very nice cooler!

For a long time I was using the Thermaltake 112 tower but have since switched to a lighter swiftech MCX775-V with a 120mm fan installed on a funnel redusing it down to the 90mm mount.
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