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Default Xorg locks up under moderate cpu load..

Hi everyone,

This in an interesting issue. Every so often, Xorg will lock up under cpu load. That's not to say it does it *every time* -- I've had it withstand full load for hours, but the odd time it will cause it to lock up.

When this lock up happens, I won't be able to move the mouse or anything else and eventually the screen will revert to black (like it would if it wasn't getting a signal) and after some time, one monitor will come on. I'll be able to move the mouse on the monitor but can't do anything else. 30 seconds later (or so), that monitor will go dark and after another brief delay, the other will come on and I'll be able to move the mouse then, too. It never, however, comes back to a usable state.

I've attached the bug report. In the Xorg configuration file inside the bug report, you'll see dri as being commented out -- this isn't the case. I just commented it out previous to running the bug report script. Ignore that.

thanks for your time everyone :-)
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