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Default Re: Viewable area bigger than TV display

My mythtv box has a 6150 chipset on the motherboard and is feeding a 55" Sony SXRD TV. I don't have any problems with X at all; I can by diddling with the modeline numbers get a pretty good ,screen-filling 1920x1080p picture on the set's HDMI input. My big problem is text/console mode. when the thing boots and when I need to do things on the text console screens, I lose the first and last 2 or 3 lines. No combination of TV set adjustments will ameliorate this problem. And no, moving to the HD15 VGA input is NOT an option - 1300x768 display that leaves 3" black borders all the way around makes that a non-starter.

Is there any mechanism whereby the video chipset may be coerced into shrinking the text-mode output without affecting X?
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