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Default Re: Age of Conan Feedback thread

Originally Posted by a_big_burger
Hi, is the graphic good any good (deserve to be called next gen ?)? I am very big on graphic
I wouldn't say next generation. I would say at the top of this generation in general and next gen for a MMO. For how large it is, the graphics are amazing. You really feel like you are in the world of Hyboria as a character. The game feels full and complete, not empty stretches with a tree or hill here and there. Just look at the screen shots. What you see all over the net is what you will get on your puter.

Can you attack your own cities guards and merchants?
I'm not sure. I do know that you see drunk NPCs in the bars who look like they are waiting for a fight. Knowing that your character can get drunk and fight people tells me these drunk NPCs are there for a reason.
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