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Unhappy OMG, M$ look to have bought RARE;f=1;t=20

This is truly a sad day for console gaming if it's true.

Do M$ truly think they can just keep buying their way into everything ?
First Bungie, and they nicked Halo right under the noses of PC and MAC users. Then got the balls to say we are going to get a CONVERSION !?! And in a years time ?

Are the days gone when a console can stand up on it's own merrits and have the owning company *persuade* developers, not buy them ?

From what I've heard and read, Nintendo could lose Starfox Adventures, and Perfect Dark. With those and more becoming XBox exclusives.
I really like the Gamecube, but if this happens then I think it will seriously hurt the cube and Nintendo.
I really wanted to see Rare go multiplatform, NOT Xbox only.
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