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Default Re: Age of Conan Feedback thread

The open zones are really cool. Sorry, I'd take screenshots but this current beta client isn't terribly stable - basically opening the options menu crashes it, and there are tons of graphic glitches at the moment. Seems like it's unique to this build though.

Anyway I'm still on the fence...the questing is basically the same old stuff you're used to with fedex and kill x of mob y being the primary theme, the zones are huge and the cities look awesome, but once you're out in the wild the graphics engine really shows its seams. For example, in the Cimmeran city area, the background sky is a dark blue in color where there is a bright white distance fog effect, greatly contrasting the outline of the horizon and the sky. It looks awful. Gameplay is a mixed bag - the combat system really is great, but the targeting system and general combat mechanics are kind of clunky at the moment (i.e., point blank ranger shooting, losing target randomly, etc).
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